Design and Fabricate Large
Public Clocks
Based on Your

For more than 30 years, Seagull has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of customized clocks for architectural, commercial, public, and decorative applications. Simply share your needs with us or send us a design drawing, and we will work with customers to ensure production of a clock that meets every single requirement. From a traditional Roman style to a contemporary modern style, we have the experience necessary to make your ideas become a reality. Our main clock products include wall mounted clocks, flush mount tower clocks, bracket clocks, post clocks, floral clocks and more.

    1. Tower Clocks
    2. Tower Clocks

      Custom tower clocks are our specialty here at Seagull. We have customized thousands of tower clocks with faces ranging from 1.5m to 8m in diameter.

    1. Streetscape Clocks
    2. Streetscape Clocks

      Streetscape clocks are typically installed on street sidewalks, shopping malls, parks, schools, and residential communities.

    1. Floral Clocks
    2. Floral Clocks

      Modern floral clocks are installed in landscaping areas, combining the natural beauty of the garden with an appealing clock for highlighting appeal in city centers, parks and gardens.

Work with Expert

Tianjin Seagull Intelligence Technology Co. is wholly owned subsidiary of Tianjin Seagull Watch Group and we take the design expertise from watchmaking and amplify it on a broad scale, providing customers with beautiful architectural clock installations. We have been involved in the design and installation of tower clocks, floral clocks, and streetscape clocks. Our clocks are widely adopted by churches, schools, airports, and many other public places, becoming instant landmarks that people look up to.